April 8, 2022 // News // EN

CRO Forum

On 7th April, our CEO Claudius Jehle took part at the 2022 Emerging Risk Initiative (ERI) of the Chief Risk Officers CRO Forum about the risks and opportunities associated with the production, deployment, and operation of Li Ion batteries.

The CRO Forum brings together large multi-national insurance companies. Their ERI, which is chaired by Allianz and Swiss Re in 2022, continously identifies and analyses global risks, which outcomes have a significant influence on risk management and regulation in many different areas: https://lnkd.in/du_wAMZr

As Europe looks to accelerate the transition to more sustainable energy sources – including Li Ion batteries, it’s essential to understand where we really are with energy storage, where we need to go, and what risks we need to manage on the way there. An honor to be invited to discuss these topics at the CRO Forum! This conversation couldn’t be more timely.

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