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April 8, 2024 // News // EN

Enel Green Power selects volytica for BESS battery diagnostics

“To improve the efficiency and safety of batteries, it’s important to monitor their performance in real time, which is why Enel Green Power has adopted innovative predictive diagnostics software, already in use in five of their plants.

Electricity storage systems – such as batteries – are a key enabler for the energy transition to clean energy: because they’re naturally subject to variations in availability, renewable sources such as wind and photovoltaics need systems capable of storing excess energy produced during times of sun and wind availability and returning it at times of peak consumption in order to be fully exploited and integrated into the electricity system.

Storage is therefore indispensable for the development of renewables: the question is how to ensure its necessary reliability and flexibility for end-users’ needs. Batteries that are integrated with power generation systems, like all industrial components, need to be managed as well as possible in order to ensure that they have a longer and more efficient life, optimizing the continuous energy charge and discharge cycles to which they’re subjected […].”

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* Source: Enel Green Power / Media / News / April 8th 2024

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