Battery Asset Management

We make the management and operation of the most expensive wearing part simple and efficient.

We’ve Specialized in the
Evaluation of Battery Field Data

Our algorithms don’t need excessive initial training or lab tests – they take advantage of the abundance of information contained in real data.

Our Solutions and Products
in a Nutshell

Our diagnostics solution analyses battery field data - operational signals transmitted by IoT or other monitoring means from the battery systems. With our unique and scalable technology, we crack that ubiquitous, but raw data open - unlocking otherwise hidden information such as degradation, SOH, anomalies and safety risks, SOC quality and many more.

We put maximum focus on interoperability, 3rd-party platform integration, ease of installation and scalability.

Dashboard-based Warranty Monitoring

Battery Degradation & Quality Analysis

Lifetime & TCO optimization

Lifetime & TCO optimization

2nd-life Certification

2nd-life Certification

Highly scalable Cloud-platform

3rd-Party Platform Integration
(Scada, fleet and asset management systems)

Our Philosophy

10 years of experience with battery operation analysis - in a market that is barely 5 years old. Monitoring the first electric vehicles in the European market back then with our R&D partner Fraunhofer IVI, Dresden, we realized early that the most expensive vehicle wearing part, the battery, deserves a closer look. Over the years, amassing thousands of GB of data, we developed unique AI- and electrochemistry-based algorithms that extract the relevant information from IoT and telematics data - independent of manufacturer and without extensive pre-configuration or testing.

By unlocking this information now we enable our customers to ...

  • develop more economical battery systems,
  • reduce warranty & operational risks,
  • extend a battery's lifetime well beyond standard warranty times and
  • establish after-use concepts (2nd-use).

We are with you – from Cradle to Grave

Our Technology

Diagnostics: Where are we now?

  • AI- and electrochemistry-based and celltype-agnostic algorithms that determine the current state of a system
  • From State-of-Health (SOH, both capacity and resistance based), over State-of-Charge quality (SOC) up to system-internal defects and inhomogeneity

Predictions: Where will we go?

  • Scenario-based forecasting of remaning usable lifetime
  • Deriving of optimization potentials and operational recommendations to extend an assets lifetime
  • Self-improving calculations - the more data is available, the better the predictions become

Automation: How can we scale?

  • We merge unique battery experience with a highly scalable, heavily API-integrated Cloud platform
  • Our platform development team has been building data pipeline and warehousing systems for more than a decade - we are truly scalable

Work with us

Our technology is individually scalable and can be used for every kind of battery. Whether in the transport sector, stationary systems or industry equipment: our customers rely on our long-standing expertise.

Assessing, calculating and mitigating the risk of value decrease, 2nd-use applications - we provide banks, lessors and insurances as well as technical inspection and certification authorities with the means to contribute to a cleaner future.

Stationary Systems

Public Transport






Industry Equipment


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